Within 30 Days Guaranteed

Terms and Conditions

Product Quality Issues:If the products has some significant variation in its expected appearence and performance with serious quality issues then the products money will be refunded with in 30 days of time period.

Misplaced Products:If the products that the customer placed the order has been entirely changed to different Products,different Brands,different models,different colours with different specification then that ordered products has been delivered and it is noticed only after delivery in such case your money will be refunded within 30 days of time period.

Physically Damaged Products:When the products which the customer have placed the order through phoenixmart.in is damaged due to the wear and tear of the travel shipments,if the parts of the products are missing then the customer has to place the return of the product through phoenixmart.in then the money will be refunded within 15 to 30 days only if the products has reached the supplier after the customer has returned the products.