Unique Cricket Academy has a great infrastructure. The academy has more than 40 boys from all over the city, who come from different backgrounds and live in different parts of town. We are provided with the best coaching. Each player is monitored individually and is taught how to develop his own strengths, which may not necessarily be reflected in his scores; it’s all about polishing your natural ability. These training sessions are a tremendous help for those aspiring cricket players who wish to go professional



UNIQUE CRICKET ACADEMY has a team of highly experienced, professional trainers who guarantee you will learn everything you need over time. Our staff is very accommodating and eager to please - as we are driven by a desire to help every single student reach their goals as this is our main focus. Additionally, we're always working on developing our training program to ensure that it will suit your needs and help you reach level of proficiency in the product within days of starting the classes!

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