GK electricals

We work with people who want to Light up their homes and life.We also provide electrical Service


Satisfied By Our Service

G.K. Electrical Works is one of the best electrical service in salem. Service for Residence, Electrical contract for office, Commercial electrical service, Internal electrical cable service.

We also known for best plumbing in salem, Our Plumbing systems also service air distribution/control, and therefore contribute to the mechanical part of MEP. Plumbing for HVAC systems involves the transfer of coolant, pressurized air, water, and occasionally other substances.

Our Services

Electrical Service

we provide best electrical services for Residence , internal electrical cable service.

Plumbing Service

Our Plumbing system services for Pipe repair and Replacement , Installing and maintenance services.

Electrical and Plumbing Building Contracts

The whole contract of your New building by providing Electrical & plumbing services at affordable price.

Highly trained professionals of  plumbers , Electrician and Building Contracts, are in GK Electricals.





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