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Unani Medicine helps to enhance sexual desire, increase sexual stamina and reduce the chances of Premature Ejaculation. The special blend of natural herbs in Unani Medicine have been shown to assist the body’s natural blood flow to the Male sexual organ, expanding the sponge-like erectile tissue in the Male sexual organ, leading to size gains in both length and thickness.
Unani Medicine also contains a number of natural aphrodisiacs which have been known for 100 years for their ability to increase sexual desire and performance.

This natural herbal formula contains a combination of powerful life enhancing herbs, and potent natural aphrodisiacs that have the extraordinary capability of increase in libido and also treating male erectile dysfunction, sexual dysfunction, diabetes impotence and alcohol impotence.

Unani medicine helped many patient to conceive within two cycles of treatment, without any observable side effects. Further comparative studies, with serial follicular monitoring & mid luteal serum progesterone may be helpful to establish the effectiveness of Unani medicines in such cases.


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