Best Cricket Academy in Salem

Unique Cricket Academy has strong links to cricket, having all staff with years of experience in working with young players. This expertise allows easy access for participating in tours and club tournaments, which can then be used as a gateway for the player to develop their skills through the different cultures of the required games.

Lets Make your Dream Come True With Unique Cricket Academy

We provide batting training to students.​


We provide bowling training to students.​


We Alos Provide how to field instruction yo students

Fitness Training

We provide fitness training to students.

One to one

One-on-one coaching will help students become better at their techniques.

Practice Matches

We provide Practice matches to students.

Why Choose Us

Expert Coaching
Phisical Fitness
Flexible timing
Individual Training

Unique Cricket Academy

Tournaments: We provide on-ground competitive opportunities to our students through regular tournaments being held throughout the year. Further, our indigenous Junior Cricket Pitch team usually participates in local tournaments where they receive a lot of hands-on experience with the real cricketing world and its challenges

Individual Coaching: We can arrange individual coaching sessions with an executive coach who will make sure to develop a program specifically for each client.


Students trained
Happy People
Students Selected

“The interesting thing about coaching is that you have to trouble the comfortable, and comfort the troubled.”​


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