How Therapy can Help

 Therapy (also referred to as counselling or psychotherapy) can help you gain a deeper understanding of your issues in order to make sense of what has happened, or is happening, in your life. Therapy provides the space and time to be able to talk about the way you feel, help sort out your thoughts and reflect upon life’s challenges.
Upeksha encourages individuals to explore what influences their thoughts, feelings and behaviours. This can bring about an awareness of client choices, and the opportunity to develop resilient coping strategies to establish and maintain emotional wellbeing, positive mental health, and healthy relationships. Therapy can help you to decide what changes you may want to make in your life: be empowered, accept and overcome your challenges, re-gain control.
 Therapy can also help a client to recognise what resources are already available to them, appreciating that everyone has the potential for psychological strength- they might just not know it yet. By establishing a trusting therapeutic relationship, Dynamic Mind could help you to feel happier and more confident with moving forward in your life.   

We cure your negative personality and restore the positive state of mind 

Mind – a powerful tool, if used properly leads towards our ambition. (Yet mind is the screen protecting us from realizing ourselves and our purpose in life.)

By gives us emotions and these emotions control our liife

Are you

Drowning in anxiety

In the grip of fear and panic

Fighting against Depression

Timid to say No

Getting ventilation in alcohol and drugs

Prone to getting in to trouble

Triggered easily and get anger and rage

Having focus issues but will to achieve

A person lost all hopes

A person carried away by life as it is

Now get over all your emotional imbalance and pains.


 Helps to find out the true power in you.

Helping you to get rid of all the disharmony and stress.

Helps to find solutions to your financial and professional worries

Helps to have smooth interpersonal relationships

Helps to get rid of your loneliness

Helps you to focus and achieve your goals


Helps children to bloom naturally and in full of their capacity.

If your children 

Are hyper active

Having learning problems

Have difficulty in concentration and memory

Are not social

Have fear or panic

Have depression

Are highly irritated

We help you and your children to remove the negativity which stops them from developing into successful persons.