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Do you find it difficult to cope with the challenges that life has thrown at you? Do you want to get rid of your emotional pain? Do you feel stuck or lost? Do you want to re-establish contact with yourself or others? Do you want to be heard? Do you want to turn your frown upside down?

How Therapy can Help

Therapy (also referred to as counselling or psychotherapy) can help you gain a deeper understanding of your issues in order to make sense of what has happened, or is happening, in your life. Therapy provides the space and time to be able to talk about the way you feel, help sort out your thoughts and reflect upon life's challenges.

Upeksha encourages individuals to explore what influences their thoughts, feelings and behaviours. This can bring about an awareness of client choices, and the opportunity to develop resilient coping strategies to establish and maintain emotional wellbeing, positive mental health, and healthy relationships. Therapy can help you to decide what changes you may want to make in your life: be empowered, accept and overcome your challenges, re-gain control.

We cure your negative personality and restore the positive state of mind 

  Mind – a powerful tool, if used properly leads towards our ambition. (Yet mind is the screen protecting us from realizing ourselves and our purpose in life.)