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Do you find it difficult to cope with the challenges that life has thrown at you? Do you want to get rid of your emotional pain? Do you feel stuck or lost? Do you want to re-establish contact with yourself or others? Do you want to be heard? Do you want to turn your frown upside down?

What is Macro Cosmic Therapy?

It is scientifically proven recently that human brain is similar to our galaxy . Our brain is the source power of this universe ,as immunity is the result of our life’s nature and through this we can reproduce moreover how their powers are positioned inside the human body was discovered in panchabootha medicine by prof.Dr.Aathi Jothi Babu.  However this macro cosmic energy acts as brain and their stimulated emotions which processes  panchabooda energy as a vital role can be explained crystal clear. Cos of this we can easily identify why a particular person has this particular mental state. Each situation causes each mental state and their reasons behind this mood and to cure what type of panchabooda energy can be used for will be known.

 It can be cured in 3 ways :

1.Because of which mental state the affected person(patient) has reached to the current state; we can make the patient or the patient’s care taker to understand.

2.Adjusting the energy of the mind through Panchaboodha medicine and Bach flower medicine.

3.Curing by means of floral medication.

"Upeksha gives you tranquility amidst your day to day turmoil "

Anxiety Therapy

Fear and Panic Therapy

Depression Therapy

De addiction Therapy

Anger Management Therapy

Healthy Relationship Therapy

" Upeksha helps children to flourish naturally and utilize their 100 percent competency "