Recently it was proved by the scientists that the human brain appears like the galaxy. Prof.Dr. Aathi Jothi Babu, inventor of the Panchaboodha treatment has invented that the Cosmic energy acts as macro and micro cosmic energy in the human body, representing the brain and the reproductive system of the human physiology. The Macro cosmic energy when diagnosed with the representing pulse diagnosis method, can reveal the state of the brain, and the influence of the five elements energy on it. Based on this the emotions, attitude, and the end result of the personality emerges. This functions of the brain and mind in due course can affect the physical health. The emotions and the root cause of the emotions are diagnosed accurately based on the Macro cosmic energy and the related five elements energies.

" Now get over all the Negative emotions/ personality and pain

" Lead a happy successful life in peace "


• Drowning in anxiety

• Fighting against Depression

• Getting ventilation in alcohol and drugs

• A person carried away by life as it is

• Suffering from Suicidal thoughts

• In the grip of fear and panic

• Timid to say No

• Prone to getting into trouble

• A person carried away by life as it is

• Having focus issues but have the willing to achieve